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The Summer Breeze...

4th September 2015

........our very successful Summer Show finishes this Sunday, September 7th and a strong body of work by some of Scotland's most popular artists is still in the Gallery to view this weekend so do pop in.

The Summer Breeze...

3rd August 2015

of original contemporary art from some of Scotland's leading artists continues in the Gallery until September 9th....with a wide range of paintings, tactile wooden sculptures by Dutch born, Scottish based Tim Dijkman, a stunning porcelain jewellery range by Alexa Hope and unusual leather bracelets from textile designer Olive Pearson, ceramics by popular Angela Pointon, Alex Johannsen's inimitable and quirky comical animals and Dorte Pape's delicate glass birds.


Watch out for our enchanting and magical new window display created by Book Sculptor Glasgow's Ronnie Gildea .......whose amazing imagination and creativity will be unveiled at the Thistle Gallery on Tuesday, August 11th.


And finally we will shortly be revealing details of our exciting new Exhibition which Previews on Saturday, September 12th.......





A Kaleidoscope of butterflies and art.......

23rd June 2015

.......has just wafted into the Gallery and our summer Exhibition is both bright and breezy with a vibrant mix of pieces to appeal to you can see from our photographs.


Talking point of our Preview was undoubtedly artist Ronnie Gildea's eye catching window installation of book sculptures which are both fascinating and exquisitely produced with an attention to detail and accuracy which is quite remarkable. Grateful thanks to Jack Henderson and Julie Chapman for their invaluable assistance with the window installation.


Visitors to the Gallery were able to meet and chat to Ronnie, a graduate of Glasgow School of Art, about his work, his inspiration and the execution of this unusual art form.


Using pre-loved and re-claimed books, which would otherwise be heading to a landfill site, Ronnie painstakingly brings the books alive again with his visionary talent....and the results are spellbinding......and in an effort to entice people to the Gallery, Ronnie even sprinkled a trail of paper butterflies from Great Western Road down to our  front door...and it worked!!


So do pop in over the Summer to take in the superb collection of Art currently adorning our walls and display cubes.....including colourful and quirky new ranges from Ceramicist Angela Pointon, and jewellery from Alexa Hope both of whose artworks, not unsurprisingly, are proving very popular.


Artist Garth Bayley's strong and atmospheric image of cyclists forms the theme of one of our windows complemented by Angela's range of cycling ceramics.....and a nostalgic painting of Glasgow children playing in the street by Sam Skelton is one of four pieces he has in the Show.

Cecilia Forrest, Gordon Wilson, Mairi Stewart and Linda Park are among the other 30 artists with fresh work on display to lift your spirits.

Emotions: At Large Poetic Illusions

05th June 2015 the fitting title of artist Catherine Cameron's moving photographic murals currently on Show at the Gallery for a four day pop up exhibition........which runs daily 10am until 5pm and finishes on Monday June 8th.


Only ten imposing pieces are featured for this limited run so do drop into the Gallery to truly appreciate these contemplative and deeply moving exhibits.


Catherine speaks of her work:

"I am interested in psychological matters that form and shape us as human beings. In my work I explore the cyclical nature of repetitive thoughts and behaviour, the actions we repeat regardless of the results.


'I am interested in the role that hope holds in our lives, from its lifesaving capabilities to its detrimental aspects, when hope prevents us from making necessary changes, moving on.

"The playwright Henrik Ibsen described this as the Lie-Lie, a state of denial, the lie-lie becomes a detrimental zone of comfort, a space inhabited by emotions like longing , melancholia and loneliness.


"To explore this visually I create staged, analogue photographs. I work with natural light and print the work in my darkroom. The staging is repetitious both in materials and settings. I deconstruct and reconstruct the same forma and shapes over and over again. This way of approaching my work mirrors the repetitious nature of the subject matter."



Make Thistle Gallery your June Jaunt!  Art Shows......Art Trail.....Art Contest

29th May 2015

During the month of June Glasgow's West End hosts it's own Festival with a variety of cultural events to appeal to its diverse West End inhabitants and Glaswegians across the city who each year flock to our leafy streets. Thistle Gallery are participating in three such events so if you're nearby do pop in to our neighbourhood Gallery where we are always approachable but never predictable!


SUNDAY MAY 31st - Gibson Street Gala Day - pop in for refreshments and nibbles ...from 11am and wander round our current exhibits which feature fine Figurative pieces from Kelly Anne Cairns, Ross Muir, Jackie Henderson, Basia Roszak, Wendy Kershaw and Jennifer Kilgour. On the other side of the Gallery we have Glasgow Urbanscapes featuring work by some exciting new talents Grant McNicoll, Claire Kennedy, Garth Bayley and Andy Hurst and established artists such as Cecilia Forrest, Sam Skelton and James Somerville Lindsay.


THURSDAY JUNE 4th PREVIEW LAUNCH of Glasgow School of Art graduate Catherine Cameron's Emotions: At Large Pop-Up Exhibition featuring her widely acclaimed evocative images ...which are both thought provoking, profound and deeply moving. The Show is only on for a four day run so don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity to see this talented artist's work.


THURSDAY JUNE 11th - WEST END FESTIVAL ART TRAIL - along with several other leading West End galleries we are delighted to be part of this artistic event which hopefully will become a regular outing for art devotees from North and South of the river. The Gallery will be open late until the back of 8pm and refreshments and nibbles will be served!


And look out for our special 'floating wall of art'! Thistle Gallery have collaborated with Hillhead Primary School staff, pupils and the Gala Day Committee with their inaugural Art Competition. Pupils from Primary One to Primary Seven have been in a painting 'frenzy', during May, producing a delightful and diverse body of work .....all of them masterpieces in their own right!

Judging takes place on Gibson Street Gala Day and the Gallery are proud to announce that all 24 shortlisted winners, including overall First, Second and Third places will be framed on our walls and featured in a special window display from June 10th until June 19th for family, friends and the wider community to see the artistic fruits of their labours.


SATURDAY, JUNE 20th - PREVIEW OF 'SUMMER BREEZE...' - our exciting new mixed Exhibition which will run throughout the Summer .....evolving monthly. And as a teaser watch out for our most eye-catching 'art installation window' yet! It will stop you in your tracks!


So as you can see exciting opportunities for everyone at the Thistle Gallery....artists and customers ....and we look forward to welcoming our loyal and valued existing customers and new faces too.

Memorable Artist Sylvia von Hartmann Captivates Visitors at Glasgow Preview

18th May 2015

Entitled 'Unique Among Many' German artist Sylvia von Hartmann more than lived up to expectations with her first Exhibition for some years ....not in her home town of Edinburgh ....but in Glasgow West End's Thistle Gallery.


Family, friends and fans of long standing, flocked to her Preview on Saturday many in fact that the Event spilled out on to the street and caused quite a stir! Followers of this accomplished Edinburgh artist had travelled from Germany, Switzerland, France, and London in eagerness of this long awaited Show. Collated and curated by Sylvia herself, Gallery Owner Carol Dunbar and ably assisted by local artist Jackie Henderson the Exhibition set out to give an insight into this enigmatic artist's body of work produced over five decades.


With exhibits as eclectic and quirky as the woman herself .....from an exquisitely stitched cloth tea set to paper mache plates, a wooden dolls house hand carved by the artist, a child's cradle and of course nearly 50 autobiographical paintings, the Exhibition proves to be a fitting display of both her motivation and her varied techniques.


Her work is captivating .....her character charismatic and her enthusiasm for life is infectious ....all who visited her Exhibition Preview on Saturday were left smitten by an artist who, over the years, has refused to conform, who continues to produce a quality and depth of work which is unique to her but which is appreciated and coveted by many, many people.

Comment of the day was when a visitor from Russia recalled Sylvia being described by a child as like a 'retired fairy'........out of the mouths of babes!


The Exhibition runs until this Saturday, May 23rd ......TG

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Seascapes and Landscapes Coast to Coast

7th April 2015

It was lovely to welcome previous customers and new ones to our Preview opening of 'Surf and Turf' which proved really popular.


As always our window displays proved a talking point and drew many new people in ....the impressive 'Moose Antlers' used to display textile designer Iona Crawford's exquisite scarves featuring .....appropriately for our theme .....puffins, stags, owls, ducks and hens .....were of great interest!


Participating artists mingled and chatted with visitors to the Gallery throughout the day ....which always goes down well as people hear the back stories behind the various pieces.


The Exhibition will run throughout April and we look forward to welcoming you to our Gallery.

With over 70 new paintings in oils, acrylics, pastels, gouache, felted merino, porcelain AND driftwood poetry, there is much to appeal to the most discerning art lover. TG



Birds of a Feather

20th March 2015

Literally just arrived into the Gallery yesterday are four superb pieces from acclaimed and accomplished artist Kelly Anne Cairns.


Kelly's work is inspired by the style and culture of the Orient which is self evident in her vibrant contemplative canvasses.


Her love of contrast is also apparent in the pattern and texture of the fabrics she paints. Inspired by aged frescos from the Italian Renaissance she seeks, not only to portray the human form, but also human emotion in all its complexities.


In Kelly's words: 'I manipulate the figure and its surroundings by exploring the contrasts between the angular shapes surrounding the figure and the soft contours of the body.'

A graduate of Gray's School of Art, she graduated in 1999 with a BA(Hons) and was awarded the John Kinross travel Scholarship to Florence. She was also short listed for the BP Portrait Award in 1999.


Kelly's canvasses are in the Gallery for a limited time only so do visit to truly appreciate the depth and vitality of her work.

Unique gifts for unique Mums

13th March 2015

Looking for an individual gift this Sunday for that special woman in your life....Your Mother .....then do pop along to Thistle Gallery where we have large selection of superior gifts crafted by a wide range of Scottish artists.


Not only is the Gallery featuring a bright selection of fresh original paintings, ranging in price from £90 to £3,000, but, in addition, especially for Mother's Day, we have an eclectic range of objects d'art for mums of all you can choose from:


Cushions featuring the Kelpies, Peacocks, and Flowers and luxurious Silk Scarves featuring Stags, Puffins, and Swans designed by leading textile designer Iona Crawford.


Decorative Glass Designer Dorte Pape's delightful glass birds.....or her contemporary Candle Curves which are lovely during the day when natural light passes through them or equally as effective at night with a tea light behind them.


Glass artist Amanda Johnson, whose kiln-formed etched and leaded glasswork is handmade in Glasgow, has designed a unique mouth-blown etched glass  'Mum Tattoo' which looks superb hanging in a window.


Porcelain pieces by accomplished Angela Pointon including her hand painted jugs, bowls, milk bottles and her much loved 'crumpled cups' will prove popular with any discerning Mum.


And finally the instantly recognisable 'canine characters' created by Alex Johannsen whose quirky sense of humour comes through every piece she makes....whether it's a Westie...Scottie dog.... Pug.....Schnauzer or Jack Russell....and then of course there are her comical Penguins.


So, as you can see, you'll be spoilt for choice and we welcome you this weekend or any other!



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Ian Embarks Upon A Memorable Nautical Journey

20th February 2015

Ayrshire based artist Ian Rawnsley certainly made a few waves for charity on Sunday afternoon when he launched his Shipping Forecast - an Artist's Journey, at the Gallery.


For seven hours Ian stood at his easel and took a constant stream of customers on a nautical journey around the 31 Shipping Forecast areas.


He did this by painting 31 postcard sized works and chatted to art lovers along the way about his love of the sea and explaining the next chapter part of his incredible journey, which starts in earnest this April.


Ian is going to endeavour to visit each of the Shipping Areas by any means of transport available. Once in situ he will take photographs.....listen and recount the stories of the people he meets along the way and, on return home to his studio in Troon, fittingly a stone's throw from the beach, he will then produce a series of full size paintings of all the Areas he has visited. These will also be sold with a percentage of all proceeds going to Macmillan.


Ian also hopes to publish a book recounting his journey and featuring the paintings he has produced.


May we thank all of you who supported the launch and, over the next few months, we will keep you posted about Ian's progress. TG

The Shipping Forecast - An Artist's Journey

2nd February 2015

Well known Scottish artist, Ian Rawnsley will embark upon a unique fund raising venture next week.


During the course of Sunday February 15th Ian's aim is to paint 31 postcard sized paintings of each one of the 31 shipping areas. Then each acrylic painting will be sold with a donation of £18 from each postcard going to Macmillan.


You are invited to watch the artist paint these small original pieces in the Gallery throughout the day (10am - 6pm) and to hear more about this exciting new art project.





Image of Ian Rawnsley beside the coast

Click here to download a pdf preview

Artist Denise Draws Her Audience In...

26th January 2015

Given that her great, great grandmother was Jessie Newbery, one of the Glasgow Girls and wife of Fra Newbery, director of the Glasgow School of Art (1888 - 1917), it's fair to say that contemporary artist Denise Findlay, has art running through her veins!


And this was self evident to the avid group of art lovers who came to the Gallery last night. We listened intently to Denise as she spoke of the varied techniques and methods she uses to create her distinctive artwork.


Over two hours we watched as, layer by layer, she brought a blank piece of white paper to life with her pastels, coloured pencils and trusty chamois rag to soften the edges.


It was a chatty, insightful and entertaining evening thanks to Denise and her affable manner. This is an artist who, by her own admission, defies the rules who has honed and developed her now

recognisable style with confidence and assuredness.

Each mark made on her easel is meaningful. Once she starts she knows where she wants to take the piece and, although she would normally take days to perfect her vision, even after just a couple of hours the image which emerged was memorable.


Thanks to all who made it along to the evening and of course Denise for sharing her love of art with us. In our quest to make the Gallery, and its featured artists, accessible, these evening demonstrations will now be a regular feature so we will keep you posted with names of future artists who will be popping in.

Glasgow Wall

14th January 2015

Another exciting development we have just taken delivery of 9 exhibits from leading Glasgow artist Sue Biazotti and we have featured her in our 'Glasgow Wall'. This selection of exhibits includes gritty Glasgow street scenes but with her signature ethereal quality.


This wall also has works from Cecilia Forrest which includes a superb atmospheric Ashton Lane among her pieces;  Ian Campbell whose 'lifelike' take on the Donald Dewar and Duke of Wellington Statues in the city centre are remarkable and Iona Mackellar Bruce who creates the most incredible artwork of Glasgow landmarks using leather and suede!

I look forward to seeing you at our Gallery soon!



Denise Findlay Demonstration

12th January 2015

We are delighted to announce that accomplished artist Denise Findlay will be doing a demonstration of her technique in the Gallery on Thursday, January 22nd at 730pm.


Denise will be talking about what inspires her to paint and the methods she uses to bring her canvasses to life and you will also have the opportunity to chat to her along the way.


Tickets are limited and priced at £15, to include wine and canapés, and we welcome art devotees along for what will undoubtedly be a very interesting and enjoyable evening.


May we take this opportunity to thank all of our customers for their support in the run up to Christmas. The response to our new Gallery has been so encouraging not just from friends, family, artists, customers but the local neighbourhood where we have 'set up shop'.


Please contact me for further details:

Denise Findlay pictured beside her easel

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